I’m starting a new subscription service where you pay £6.50 end every month you’ll receive a new and exclusive* pin badge and sticker through the post… *jazz hands*




OK, maybe some more details will help. I’ll do an FAQ thingy, those are fun.

Q: So I pay £6.50 and get a badge and sticker?
A: Yep, and that includes postage for UK customers. International is an extra £3 but will get an extra sticker

Q: Can you tell me more about the badges and sticker designs?
A: As you can see from the photo of previous badge designs its pretty much cute, cute, cute.
The badges I send out every month will be exclusive to subscribers for at least 2 months. I have to round up badge orders with the manufacture to 100 so any excess after subscriptions will be set aside to sell through my etsy at a later date.
The stickers will be the same design as the badge.

I’m going to work really hard to keep the badge designs as cool and sweet and fun as possible.

Q: What if I really don’t like a design that’s sent to me?
A: Aw man, I hope that doesn’t happen but if it does please get in contact with me and we’ll discuss a refund or a swap with a previous design or something. I don’t want anyone to feel disappointed or obligated to keep something they’re not overly keen on.

Q: OK, this sounds brilliant, when does it start and how do I sign up?
A: Well aren’t you lovely. I’ll be launching this on the 1st of January and start accepting subs in December. Make sure to sign up to the newsletter to be notified when all the link and clicky stuff is activated.
I’ll be keeping my twitter (@ben_cameron) and insta (@benjcameron) updated wth news too.

Q: Oh, Christmas is just round the corner, can I gift subscriptions to someone as a gift?
A: You sure can! I’ll be offering pre purchase packages for three, six and twelve months. More details of that soon.

Q: I’m someone else reading this and the question I have isn’t answered, what do I do?
a: Oh hi! Well you can send me an email (bencameron@me.com) or DM on twitter (@ben_cameron) and I’ll happily answer any questions.


Right, I think that’s everything covered for now.

I look forward to sharing more info and news with you soon.

Ben x




A little bit of new news…

You’ll be able to subscribe to this service from mid November with first payments being taken in December. All the relevant info will be in a newsletter with links.

ALSO! I can start accepting gift pack payments now. You can pay in advance for 3, 6 and 12 months of pin badge club subscription. You can even gift this to someone else.

I’ll get all the details from you when you pay (please leave the name and address of recipient in the comments box at checkout, any changes or issues in the future please email me at bencameron@me.com)


3 months (£18)

6 months (£36)

12 months (£76)



3 months (£25)

6 months (£50)

12 months (£100)


Rest of World

3 months (£27)

6 months (£57)

12 months (£107)


Oh, and I’ll send you a little digital image in an email that you can forward on to the recipient so they can see what the present is.


(This subscription will start in January, with the first badge being posted in the first week of 2018. Any payments taken up until the 31st of December 2017 will be included in the first run)









Hi, It’s me Ben.

Below you can find relevant links to see more of my work and such and also some contact details.

Good day to you x

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